Virginia Lopez

Ms. Lopez was born in Cuba and has resided in the U.S. since she was 21 years old. Virginia visits her homeland regularly.Virginia has studied Afro-Cuban drumming with master drummer and recording artist Amelia Pedroso, and other teachers in both Cuba and the United States. Ms. Lopez has taught at drum camps in California, Washington,[…]

Michaelle Goerlitz

Michaelle Goerlitz has been playing drums and percussion since she was eight years old. After attending college in the Midwest, she moved to San Francisco in 1980 to continue her studies, which have led to exploration of Brazilian, Afro Cuban, Venezuelan, and Middle Eastern rhythms (plus American idioms jazz, R & B & funk). She[…]

Barbara Borden

Barbara Borden—drummer/percussionist – began drumming at age ten. Her musical expression is diverse: composer, recording artist (Beauty in the Beat, All Hearts Beating); performer – soloist, collaborator with other musicians and artists, member of the all-women jazz quintet Alive! (Alive!, Call It Jazz, City Life); teacher – drumkit, West African djembe and ceremonial drums –[…]

Carrie Durkee

CARRIE DURKEE is a community organizer, a teacher and an activist. She has worked for over three decades in such movements as the women’s, anti-nuclear, environmental, community rights, and democracy movements. She is currently focused on the question of whole systems change. How can we imagine working together towards creating the culture and the democracy[…]

Ellen Farmer and Coleen Douglas

Ellen Farmer and Coleen Douglas coordinate educational experiences for people interested in soil carbon and water infiltration measurements, food forests, and tree planting projects. Coleen has a background in biology and landscape design, and Ellen works with Farm Fuel Inc. in Watsonville, CA, a research and development firm established by organic farmers to create alternatives[…]