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Born To Drum 2024

Women Drummers International is THRILLED to announce

Born To Drum Women's * Drum Camp ~
August 23-24-25-26

Born To Drum will be All the Way Live at Walker Creek Ranch, in Petaluma, Ca. this summer! Registration opens the last week of April!

The Party Continuette!

Dynamic Program with your Favorite Teachers
and a Vibrant Dance Program

Mabiba Baegne, Carolyn Brandy, Sheree Seretse, Qween Hollins, Mar Stevens, Barbara Borden, Amikaeyla, Ouida Lewis, Michaelle Goerlitz, Sue Kaye, Denise Solis, Julia Cepeda, Jeni Swerdlow, Neena McNair, Ava Square, Elizabeth Sayre, Amy Vitro, Adwoa Kudoto, Sena Kubega, Debbie Fier, Sahar El Khatib, Regina Wells

Besides All That, Saturday Night will Be
Our Famous Faculty Concert

Bring your drums, your dancing shoes, your songs, your jokes.  We are going to have a Great Time. We hope you can come!

Registration Opens on April 21

Right to Refuse Attendance

To ensure that all patrons have a wonderful time, and to protect the health and safety of our community,
we reserve the right to refuse attendance.
Born To Drum 2024: Dance of Life
Born To Drum 2024: Dance of Life and List of 2024 Faculty

 *women, women identified, gender non-conforming