Michaelle Goerlitz

Michaelle Goerlitz has been playing drums and percussion since she was eight years old. After attending college in the Midwest, she moved to San Francisco in 1980 to continue her studies, which have led to exploration of Brazilian, Afro Cuban, Venezuelan, and Middle Eastern rhythms (plus American idioms jazz, R & B & funk). She[…]

Jackeline Rago

Jackeline Rago is a Venezuelan-born, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer and educator who specializes in Venezuelan Folk-Music as well as music from other countries and the Caribbean. Currently, she is a faculty member at the Jazz School in Berkeley, CA, where she teaches several courses on Afro-Venezuelan percussion, Afro-Venezuelan rhythms applied to Jazz and Venezuelan Cuatro[…]

Afia Walking Tree

Afia’s vision for transformative cultural healing across multi-ethnic, intergenerational communities has been an anchor for much of her life’s work. With roots born out of deep African Diasporic ethno musicological spiritual and cultural lineage in Jamaica, Afia has spearheaded many initiatives which bring women and youth into empowerment and voice. As an educator, Afia utilizes[…]