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The Mission of Women Drummers International is to empower women and girls in all aspects of their lives through the message of the drum, which represents not only a musical experience, but a cultural and healing experience as well. We believe that we are participating in a global movement of women drummers at this time on the planet. Women Drummers International is committed to creating a positive and empowering environment for women to teach, learn, and perform this incredible art form.


  • President: Carolyn Brandy
  • Treasurer: Rana Halpern
  • Secretary: Bonnie Bell

Board of Directors

  • Carolyn Brandy
  • Jeannie Little
  • Mar Stevens
  • Bonnie Bell
  • Laura Souza
  • Amikaeyla
  • Malke Singer
  • Lauren Veasey

Variety of Programs

We have a variety of programs, the most important of which is the Born To Drum Women’s Drum Camp that happens every summer.  Born To Drum started in 2006.

We have also done many programs over the years including:

Drum Sundays, once a month drumming workshops with our Born To Drum faculty members; 

The Maestra Series, concert production of outstanding women musicians; 

Embracing our Heartbeat, an online drumming festival.

Take Drums to Heart, a community service program to take drums into the schools.

Contact Us

c/o Jeannie Little
5169 Fleming Ave.
Oakland, CA 94619-3237


Nonprofit Status

Women Drummers International is a 501(c)3 nonprofit tax-deductible organization. Donations to Women Drummers International are tax deductible.