Las Bomberas De La Bahia

Las Bomberas De La Bahia: Denise and Sara

Las Bomberas De La Bahia was founded in April 2007 and is the Bay Area’s first & only all-women’s Bomba ensemble. The group is composed of Bay Area activists, educators, and artists who actively contribute to growing the tradition of Bomba and work to maintain & support Puerto Rico’s oldest African influenced music and dance tradition, which formed in Puerto Rico’s sugar cane plantations by slaves as a form of resistance. Las Bomberas de la Bahia have performed throughout the Bay Area for educational institutions, cultural centers, and cultural festivals.

Denise Solis is an activist, labor organizer, and musician who has lived in the Bay Area since 2002. Denise began studying the Afro Puerto Rican musical tradition of Bomba in 2004.

Sarazeta Ragazzi is a Boricua bred in San Francisco’s Mission District. She is an artist, teacher, and performer with over 15 years experience working in the cultural arts.