Class Descriptions: Judy Piazza

DOUMBEK & MIDDLE EASTERN RHYTHMS WORKSHOP Explore the world of Middle Eastern rhythms on this powerful drum, called tabla in the MidEast.  You’ll learn to make this drum speak with low, high and pop sounds, and will learn to play and sequence a variety of popular rhythms used for belly dance and ensemble playing in[…]

Class Descriptions: Mar Stevens

Djembe Vibrations l A beginner djembe class that’s open to all levels. This class will help improve your technique, timing, listening skills, and confidence as you sit with the drum. Djembe Vibrations II This is an all levels djembe class. Come and experience the power of the drum thru traditional West African rhythms. Feel and[…]

Class Descriptions: Sena Kugbega

Name: Ghanaian Traditional Drumming and Dance Beginners class: Women will learn simple ghanaian rhythms as well as simple dance moves along with songs. Intermediate classes: Women will be challenged to do more sophisticated Ghanaian traditional drumming; learn full ensembles with songs and dance. All rhythms will be played on either dgembe, kpanlogo or other traditional[…]

Class Descriptions: Sheree Seretse

Come learn the exciting music played on the marimba. “If you can move yours hand and listen, you can play the marimba”. This style of marimba music is representative of the music played and performed by the Shona people of Zimbabwe. All levels of experience welcomes Drums and shakers (hosho) will be encorporated. Come join[…]

Class Descriptions: Sue Lundquist

My Basic Skills Classes are designed to support and celebrate beginning drummers. These classes will focus on proper hand technique for tones, slaps and bass notes on congas and djembes. We will practice our technique while learning fundamental 4/4 and 6/8 rhythmic patterns. I am dedicated to creating a joyful, inclusive and non-judgmental circle where[…]

Class Descriptions: Tonya Lyles

This beginning class introduces basic hand techniques, hand patterns, and traditional rhythm composition on the West African djembe drum. Students will learn the “gon go do” drum scale, drum circle etiquette, drum selection criteria, and basic tuning method and maintenance. This class will help students gain chops and build confidence to play their djembes in[…]

Jackie Thomason

  Jackie acted as consultant to the organizing group and worked on the website.  She co-produced Born to Drum for 7 years.  Jackie  is co-founder of  Women Drummers International, where she has served on the Board since its inception in February 2008.  She has produced Drum Sundays since the fall of 2009, opening with our[…]

Thank You!

Our first annual silent auction and second annual “raffle” were great fun and led to much needed and appreciated donations to Born to Drum. Thanks to Cynthia Lewis and Annette Osenga (Silent Auction) and Elsie Militar and Linda Spengler (Raffle) for their leadership and hard work in making these events so successful. Thanks also to[…]