Class Descriptions: Judy Piazza

Explore the world of Middle Eastern rhythms on this powerful drum, called tabla in the MidEast.  You’ll learn to make this drum speak with low, high and pop sounds, and will learn to play and sequence a variety of popular rhythms used for belly dance and ensemble playing in a very fun workshop!  Bring your own drum.

Explore the world of frame drumming, one of the most profound and longest lineages of rhythm for healing, connection to Earth, and transformation. Experience rhythm as yoga, pulse as heartbeat of Gaia on jingled and non-jingled frame drums (tars and tambourines).  We’ll explore trance rhythms, polyrhythms, and rhythms of the heart in ensemble playing.  Some experience on frame drums helpful for this workshop.  intermediate instruction given on both tars (non-jingled) and tambourines (jingled riqq, or other).  We’ll harmonize with voice and motion, bringing a full-body experience to deepen our indigenous rhythmic selves.  Come with any frame drum.  Some drums will also be available for use.

Discover the world of frame drums, jingled and non-jingled, in this introductory workshop focused on demonstration and hands-on experience.  Learn the language of the jingled and non-jingled drums, specific rhythms, and begin your own personal journey with the world’s most ancient of skin percussion instruments with the longest lineage of women players.  Get turned on and in to your own inner framedrummer.  Bring any frame drum.  Some drums available for use.

Bring drums and small percussive instruments, including bells & shakers.

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