Class Descriptions: Jeni Swerdlow

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JUICY GROOVES 101: Unleash the drummer within!

Whether you are new to the drum or ready for a rhythmic refresher, this fun, upbeat workshop will break it down and help you build it back up! DRUMMM founder Jeni Swerdlow will show you simple, effective ways to:

-Find and play on, off, and all around the beat.
-Use rhythm games and activities to get into and deepen the groove.
-Learn fundamental, universal rhythms that are found across many cultures and styles of music.
-Develop skills for listening and creating a musical “conversation.”
-Express your own authentic “voice” on the drum.

Open to all levels and styles of drumming. Please bring your favorite drum and a hand-held percussion instrument (shaker, bell, clave, tambourine, etc.) if you have. There will be extras available.

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