Kris Freewoman

Kris is the founder and producer of the Rhythm Workout Instructor Training Program. Through this program that sold through Power Music Company, Kris inspired instructors in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Canada to try a different approach to fitness. She was the Master Instructor Trainer for the Northern California ACT Aerobic Certification Training Program for[…]

Tonya Lyles

Tonya Lyles–Based in Austin Texas, Tonya “Onye” Lyles has founded SistaDrums to rejuvenate, invigorate, and uplift a community through teaching the art of hand-drumming and movement linked to traditional world rhythms. Tonya’s drum path began at four years old. Her first drum was a tambourine played in a gospel choir where she sang and performed[…]

Amanda Vincent Villepastour

Amanda Vincent Villepastour is a London-based musician and scholar who has done significant comparative research about the bàtá in Nigeria and Cuba. Since the mid 1990s, Amanda has been moving between West Africa and Cuba working with Yorùbá master bàtá drummers, most notably Chief Rábíù Àyándòkun and in Cuba, masters including the late Regino Jiménez[…]

TerriAnne Gutierrez

A lifelong student of dance, TerriAnne Gutierrez has been studying and performing Middle Eastern Dance for over thirty years. TerriAnne is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most well-known and sought after performers and teachers. She specializes in Modern Egyptian and American Cabaret, with stylistic influences from some of the forerunners of Egyptian Dance,[…]

Simone LaDrumma

Simone LaDrumma has been composing and performing on hand drums since 1987. She has studied many different styles of drumming including Afro-Cuban, West African and Middle Eastern, and drumset. Simone was founder and Director of Ladies Don’t Drum, an all-female percussion ensemble. In 1991 Simone created “Drumming & The Holistic Expression of Rhythm,” a simple[…]

Ava Square-LeVias

Ava’s joy of ecstatic union with spirit can be seen in her dance performance, her writing, and love for family, friends & community. Considered a “proverbial” artist Ava’s talents include choreographer/dancer, actor, drummer/musician, poet & videographer. Ava has studied many forms of dance and considers West African her forte. Ava has performed solo and toured[…]