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TerriAnne Gutierrez

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TerriAnne Gutierrez

TerriAnne Gutierrez

A lifelong student of dance, TerriAnne Gutierrez has been studying and performing Middle Eastern Dance for over thirty years. TerriAnne is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most well-known and sought after performers and teachers.

She specializes in Modern Egyptian and American Cabaret, with stylistic influences from some of the forerunners of Egyptian Dance, including the great classic performers Samia Gamal and Tahia Karioca.

With a B.A. in Activism and Social Change, she uses her performances as a form of expression and as a soft voice that encourages the audience to increase their consciousness in areas that may otherwise be left dormant. TerriAnne is the director of the dance company, Joweh.

For more information about TerriAnne and her work, Visit TerriAnne’s Web site.