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BTD Photo Gallery 2015


carrying drums Ouida & Char chekere class 10* conga in meadow Debbie Afia & Brandy* Debbie body per 2 body perc 3 drum circle 15 drumming circle group shot regina mar pam raja char Laurel at tent Market place Ouida afia char* Pam O.  Ouida afia char* Ouida & Afia Jamaica* Susu teaching* young drummer washing hair talking SUSU!* Susu teaching* Suki w cake suki teaching Suki teaching 2 Suki at bata* Suki & Saraya* suki & friend at bata students sticks on log lali * sticks on log 2 * serious drummer serious drummer 3 serious drummer 2 Senna w kidsJPG Senna teaching bell Senna in circle2 Senna in circle Senna hands on drum Senna beautiful* Senna & Saraya at drum* Sena w drummers regina Sena & Saraya Sandy at BBQ Sandy & Laurel at BBQ Regina* regina wkshp Regina w dinner regina in red regina in red 2 regina in meadow w drum regina heads together Regina circle regina circle in meadow regina at djembe REgina at djembe 2 regina 2 regina & pam regina & pam w Amatula's daughter regina & pam 2 Regina & char regina & char 2 rattle on bag rapt attention circle play in meadow Pam O. pam 7 Maria v. pam & maria 2 Ouida* ouida wit tools Ouida teaching Ouida teaching w sticks* Ouida teaching 7 Ouida teaching 6 Ouida teaching 5 Ouida teaching 4 Ouida teaching 3 Ouida Regina cracking up ouida regina cracking up 2 ouida on djembe mar Ouida Ingrid at dunun ouida ingrid at dunun 2 Ouida goofing Ouida drum circle ouida colleen w chekere ouida circle ouida circle w regina* Ouida circle 2 Ouida afia char* ouida afia char 2 Ouida & Afia teaching 4 Ouida & Afia teaching Ouida & Afia Jamaica* Ouida & Afia ** NIrmada* Nirmada washing hair Nirmada & daughter Ngaire* Ngaire w hand up Ngaire at campfire Ngaire & chekere Neena* Michaelle Michaelle teaching2* Michaelle teaching* Michaelle teaching w Char michaelle Ouida at campfire Michaelle & Repenique* Megan in tent meadow* meadow light meadow 2 Market place market place 2 Mar2 Mar Mar & Susu* Mar & REgina Mar & regina djembe circle mar & regina 2 Mar & Raja Mar & Debie Fier Mar & dancer Mar & dancer 4 Mar & dancer 3 malke* Malke 2 Mabiba Mabiba teaching* mabiba teaching Mabiba feeling it Mabiba cute Mabiba 2 laying under tree w REgina Laurel tent 2 Laurel at tent Larissa Regina Angela Larissa circle Larissa angela regina malke Lali* Lali class lali circle 3 lali & * Jeannie at Dunbek Jackie w chekere Jackie & Marilyn at bata hands on dunbek* hands on drums5 Hands on drums 3 Hands on drums 2* hands on drum9 hands on drum7 hands on drum Senna hands on drum 10 hands on drum 8 hands on drum 7 hands on drum 6* hands on drum 5 hands on chekere* hand on drum Senna 2 group shot regina mar pam raja char Gongongui's at market Ginitta at bata Ginitta 2 ghanian bells market place Ghanaian drum circle Fun group Fun at the campfire* Fun at camp Afia* Fontanetta Fontanetta & mom in circle Fontanetta & mom at drums* Fontanetta & mom 4* FIRE* Fire pit!* fire 2 Ellen ^ colleen Elizabeth explaining Elizabeth explaining 2 Elizabeth clapping Dunun! Dunun drum circle* Dunbek drummer dunbek drummer 2 DRUMS! drumming circle drummers Ngaire drummers Amy drummer drum on table drum circle drum circle w Mar drum circle brandy drum circle 19 drum circle 18 drum circle 17* drum circle 16 drum circle 15 drum circle 14 drum circle 13* drum circle 11 drum circle 10 drum circle 9 drum circle 8 drum circle 7 drum circle 6 drum circle 5 drum circle 4 drum circle 3 drum circle 2 drum circle  w BB Donna Lauson cups djembe drum circle w Mar Dee Dee w Hayden* Debbie Ouida Font mom at campfire debbie ouida brandy at campfire Debbie fier Debbie Fier circle Debbie fier body perc Debbie body per 2 Debbie Afia & Brandy* Debbie Afia & Brandy dancing around fire conga in meadow closing circle closing circle avotcja Afia closing circle 3 chekeres chekeres in meadow 10 chekeres in meadow 6 chekeres in meadow 5 chekeres in meadow 4 chekeres in meadow 3 chekeres in meadow 2 Chekere Chekere Ouida Fontanetta chekere Ngaire* chekere class9 Chekere class chekere class Ngaire Chekere class in meadow chekere class 12 Chekere class 11 chekere class 10* chekere class 8 chekere class 7 chekere class 6 Chekere class 5 Chekere circle Char leaning over drum Char at drum char & regina Char & REgina reading char & regina 2 char & regina & cigar char & cigar char & cigar 2 carrying drums carrying drums Ouida & Char campfire circle campfire circle 2 BTD banner^ Brandy& avotcja Brandy* Brandy w cup brandy w chicken Brandy teaching Brandy teaching 5 Brandy teaching 4 Brandy teaching 3 Brandy closing circle Brandy class Brandy at BBQ Brandy at bata* Brandy 3 brandy & Saraya* Brandy & Saraya 2 body perc 3 Brandy & E. Brandy & avotcja 2 Borden circle Borden 5 Borden 4 Borden 3 Borden 2 Body perc w Debbie* Body perc w Debbie 2 body perc at campfire body perc at campfire 2 * body perc 3 beautiful Ouida Bata E, char regina brandy baskets at market place BArbara Borden Barbara borden & lali back of Mar's head back of Mar's head 2 avotcja* Avotcja 2 Avotcja & afia 2 attention At fire Art in meadow Angela & lorissa Amatula beautiful* Amatula at market place Amatula & daughter Ajatse's at Market place Afia's shirt Afia w chekere* AFia w chekere class* Afia on dununs Afia Mar Malke afia djembe circle Afia class w Ouida* Afia circle* Afia circle Afia circle 3 Afia chekere 4 Afia chekere 3 Afia chekere Afia Brandy Debbie* afia & pam afia & Pam 2 Afia & djembes Afia & chekere* Afia & Avotcja