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Ava Square-LeVias

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Ava Square-LeVias

Ava Square-LeVias

Ava’s joy of ecstatic union with spirit can be seen in her dance performance, her writing, and love for family, friends & community. Considered a “proverbial” artist Ava’s talents include choreographer/dancer, actor, drummer/musician, poet & videographer. Ava has studied many forms of dance and considers West African her forte.

Ava has performed solo and toured with D’Cuckoo, Dimensions Dance Theater, Diamano Coura West African Dance Company, Harambee Dance Ensemble, David Rousseve’s “Reality”, and Canadian award-winning dub-poet, Lillian Allen. She’s studied with Dr. Albirda Rose, Nontsizi Cayou, Deborah Vaughan, grammy winner Dr. Zak and Naomi Diouf, Marie Bass, Reggie Savage, and internationally acclaimed, Alonzo King, to name a few.

Ava has founded her own dance company, Spirit Theatre of Dance as well as Spirit Theatre Dance Studio offering performances, drum and dance classes, workshops, and other classes for the community. Her studio received the Express newspaper’s “Best in the Bay” two years running.

Ava has been a consultant for many public school districts teaching dance and music theory, theater, and stagecraft. She has also produced videos, and wrote curriculum. Ava currently performs and/or teaches with Ojalá, Purple Moon Dance Project, Dreamfish for sustainability, as well as her freelance solo performance.

Ava has a self-published book of poetry, A Square Opening. Ava lives in San Rafael with her wife, Elisa.

Ava can be reached at:

photo by Jackie Thomason