Simone LaDrumma

Simone LaDrumma has been composing and performing on hand drums since 1987. She has studied many different styles of drumming including Afro-Cuban, West African and Middle Eastern, and drumset. Simone was founder and Director of Ladies Don’t Drum, an all-female percussion ensemble. In 1991 Simone created “Drumming & The Holistic Expression of Rhythm,” a simple[…]

Donations to Lora Chiorah

If you are unable to attend this wonderful program and would like to make a donation, here are ways to do that 1. Send a check to Women Drummers International. In the Memo portion of your check note that this is a donation for Lora Chiorah. 2. Donate online here. Women Drummers International is a[…]

Photos and Video

There will be designated camp photographers and videographers at camp. These media materials will be used for Born to Drum promotional purposes. * Video photography is NOT allowed, other than by the designated camp photographers. * Still photography is allowed during classes, and teacher performances, with permission of the teacher. * Photos are not allowed[…]