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Zoom Requirements

What are the optimum computer requirements for using Zoom?

Internet Speed:

  • For best results, an internet connection speed of 10mbps or higher is preferred (test your speed here)
    • A slower connection of 5mbps or higher should work, but video quality may be low
  • If experiencing poor video or audio quality while using wifi, try a wired Ethernet connection — that is, a cable directly from your modem or router to your computer

Computer hardware:

  • A Windows, Mac or Linux computer produced within the last 5 years
  • A working internal microphone, or a dedicated stand-alone microphone separate from the computer
  • A working built-in camera, or a stand-alone camera such as a Logitech webcam
  • Need more help? View Getting Started on Windows and Mac

Mobile Devices:

Full technical details are available at Zoom’s website.