Thank You to the Following Merchants



We are grateful to the following merchants who made in-kind donations of food or donated gift certificates for this event.  Several donors have a policy to remain anonymous and we also want to recognize their generosity.

These donations  made it possible to provide the delicious homemade meal that is part of our gathering for Lora.  Every dollar we saved through these donations goes directly to Lora’s fund.

  • Andronico’s 1550 Cedar St. Berkeley
  • Berkeley Bowl, 2020 Oregon Street Berkeley
  • Just Desserts 550 85th Ave Oakland
  • Pinkies. 1196 Folsom St.. in San Francisco
  • Save-More Meat, 74 W. Manor Drive, Pacifica
  • Starbucks. 20th & Harrison, Oakland
  • Whole Foods, 3000 Telegraph Ave,  Berkeley