Comments from women who attended Born to Drum

About The Site

“Beautiful, perfect”

“I LOVE the setting — took a couple of walks and it was just stunning to be there”

“gorgeous setting; good classrooms”

“great location”







“The setting was fabulous! And it’s close to home (we live in Emeryville)…very easy traveling!”

“The site is beautiful and we had perfect weather “

“The view was spectacular, the drive from home was short, what more could you want?”

About the Teachers and Classes

“Each class I took had special, loving, attentive energy”

“so much energy and love in each movement, each sound”

“all of you were so supportive, so giving, so generous and kind in your knowledge. I’m touched to my core”

“Being in BTD’s atmosphere and pace, re-kindled my love for drumming and made it once again accessible. For the very first time, I truly could see myself from the outside in making music with others, and felt my own rhythm inside. “

“The Variety was mind-blowing”

“Wow! I only wish I could have attended all of the classes. These women are powerful and I feel blessed to have them even briefly in my life.”

“Great variety! All of the classes I attended had fabulous teachers!”

“I think having the variety allowed me to open up to variety.”

“I gained something wonderful from each and every one of the teachers…I also appreciated the openness and sincerity of all of your stories, experiences, and generosity.”

“well, I had to keep pinching myself (metaphorically…I was too busy drumming). All the teachers I had were fabulous.”

“All of the classes I took were terrific!”

“The quality of the classes was also mind-blowing. A-plus. Good preparation from all teachers concerned, and a Wealth of background, and wildly divergent types of presentation, all of which I appreciate tremendously.”

“I loved it that there were so many different styles”

“Classes were excellent  … Teachers were so open”

“So much love — it was all great.”

“loved the variety”

“Thank you   Thank you  I am leaving so full of love !!!”

“Thank you for the LOVE”

“They [teachers] are amazing, phenomenal”

“[teachers were] patient and inviting, especially for beginners”

“very rewarding”

“so many [teachers] were absolutely fantastic”

“The teachers were fantastic, not only excellent in their respective areas, but fine TEACHERS”


“completely, totally [satisfied with the classes]”

“would recommend all of them [the teachers]; totally [satisfied with the classes]”


“FANTASTIC!”  “Quality Excellent”


“Love ’em [the classes] all”

“Loved the variety of cultures/types of drumming”

“I love love love Susu, Mabiba — no, wait ALL!”

“They [teachers] were incredible- stunning -truly”

“”Although I have studied Afro-Cuban music for a few years, I have felt like a beginner from the mind set of being “inadequate”, rather than “humbly inspired.” But at BTD camp, for the first time, I joyfully explored new styles without the feeling of being yelled at or pressured to run to keep up!!”

“so much space for love, growth, truth”

About the Programs

“The concert on Saturday evening was among the best performances I have ever seen in my life. By everyone. That evening alone was worth the price of the camp. The final concert on Sunday was brilliant, also. …. I was wrung out and split open by “We Are Going.”…really…the whole thing was THROUGH THE ROOF!!!! Who knew we (women) could play like that? Omigoddess, I died and went to Heaven.”

“The Saturday night concert – it was probably the best concert I have ever experienced anywhere…and I have been to many concerts over more than 30 years!”

“Concert was the best thing I’ve ever seen.  Closing was perfect”

‘”It [concert] was magnificent”


“Amazing.  Highlight was Saturday night”

“…the evening concert was off the charts!!!!!!! The teachers’ willingness to give their all Sat. night after teaching all day astounded me especially since some of them are older women. A special thanks [for] endless passion and joy! [The] invocation and prayer of thanks as the sun went down over the ocean was deep and soulful and made me truly grateful to be there. The concert was worth the price of admission alone! May Women Spirit prevail!


“Thought it was amazing, eye opening and mind blowing. Especially the closing. Oh my goddess. So good.”

“loved the concert”

“Programming was excellent, beyond excellent. Magical, delightful, mystical, thoughtful, fun, breath-taking, insightful, heart-filling”

“I was delirious after the Saturday night concert, and made my bunkmates run down the list and sequence of the performers so I could make myself a list of who was involved to jog my recollection of what was happening. I counted 15 acts! That blows me away.”

“Absolutely incredible. The evenings were unforgettable. Watching the respect, admiration and love among the teachers was stupendous.”

“I love the bringing together of the group each day. Opening was key to setting the tone for the weekend”

“The programming was actually worth the entire experience, even if there had been no classes! I really appreciated the first evening – having the teachers talk a bit about their classes, and give a brief sample of their work. This is something I had not experienced before … and it was not only informative, it was very entertaining, and also established a wonderful spirit of sharing and camaraderie for the entire experience”

“The healing was incredible!! The concert was off the hook and the closing was so touching. I cried.”

General Comments

“I feel reborn! -Born to Drum!”

“Thank you for giving me hope and encouragement and new beginning.  And a big thank you to all the beautiful, beautiful women who came here”

“Everything was great in my book!”

“It was all magnificent”

“spiritual aspects as well as “wholesomeness” was the right mix for me”

“”people were fantastic and I had a great time!  Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for your love, hard work and for the work you did (for a lifetime) to get here and share with us”

“Thank you for bringing a camp to us and for bringing powerful, women drummers together.”

“Words don’t do it justice. I think it’s in everyone’s eyes, smiles, spirit and fingertips.”

“Am overwhelmed by joy….by all of my classes and teachers”


“Thank you from my heart for this beautiful opportunity. It was beyond words and I carry the experience with me until next year. It was the best!”

“The care with which the camp was put on was evident and greatly appreciated. Everything basically worked for me.”

“I also want to extend my sincerest, heartfelt thanks …for making the Born to Drum Camp an extremely wonderful, satisfying, loving event!!!!

“I am so grateful to have been included in women sharing from a deep place the rhythms and realities of being from their respective cultures. I have never experienced such long deep real ceremony as I did last weekend. I didn’t end up attending the classes I thought I wanted to attend, but somehow ended up in the right place every moment. Thank you so so so much for providing me that opportunity. I am deeply grateful”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you (repeat 2000 times daily). Carolyn, I love you and I loved the way you – and everyone else – shared the most amazing stories with us about what it was like years ago when women were outcasts in the drumming community. That was such a safe place to tell your stories! The love between the teachers was palpable. This was one of the best weekends I’ve ever spent in my life. It was brilliant! Exciting! Inspiring! Me and my 3 buddies couldn’t shut up on the way back. We are already planning for next year. Get those dates ASAP!!! Blessings and highest praises all you have done for women drummers.”