Judy Piazza

Judy is nationally and internationally known for her extraordinary talents, exceptional skill, and generous, joyful spirit as performer, educator, music therapist, and workshop presenter.  After 35 years exploring music as an expressive art and therapeutic healing tool, she continues to study and be inspired by sound traditions from various world cultures.  She has been featured at Drums of Illumination Frame Drum Festival, The Kennedy Center Arabesque Fest (with Elmaz Abinader), at the Bali Spirit Festival (with Tony Khalife) and Bali Tribal Music Tours Retreat, at Sacred Maya Journey to the Yucatan, at Studio Maui, The Om Ball and Chants 4Change as part of the 2009 inauguration events (with Saul David Raye), at the National Women’s Music Festival (WI), at The Women’s World Drum & Percussion Happen’n (NY), in Japan Music Therapy circles and events, Bioneers Conferences, and Music Educator and Therapy Conferences.   She has recently completed a multi-year intensive Yogic Mystery School with Russill Paul after 15 years of exploring mantra and sound from the Indian perspective.  Find out more at Judy’s web site and her My Space.

“Judy Piazza is the very embodiment of the concept of world music. Her artistry is rooted in the rhythms and melodies of peoples and cultures from around the world – from ethereal Native American chants and flute to the delicate gossamer strains of her dulcimer and guitar work to the haunting echoes of the aboriginal didgeridoo to the powerful beat of the many drums and percussion instruments of which she is master. Judy’s vocals and stories weave these disparate musical elements into a seamless and unforgettable experience.”  — Bud & Donna Ford, The Dulcimer Shop, Manitou Springs, CO