Community Camping Trip FAQs

We’ve tried to collect and respond to questions that may come up as you plan for camp. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, it may be addressed on the “Community Camping Trip 2014 Practical Information” page. Contact us at if you don’t find the information you need.  The email address for camp is:  camp@womendrummers.org

Question:  Are dogs allowed?

Answer:  No, dogs or other pets are not allowed on this camping trip. There are many wild animals that live in the park including wonderful hawks that soar over the meadow.  A service dog is allowed if the animal is trained to provide services specific to a disability and the tasks it performs are directly related to the specific disability.

Question: How do I get to Bort Meadow?
Answer: A map of the general area is included in the practical information, along with driving directions.  There is no address for the entrance to Bort Meadow. When using mapquest.com or Google Maps, enter your starting location in the “From” box and “Redwood Road and Skyline Blvd, Oakland, CA” in the “To” box. From Redwood and Skyline, drive 4 miles south on Redwood Road.  Bort Meadow is on the right. Look for balloons and signs.

Question: I have never drummed before. Is this a suitable event for me?
Answer: Absolutely!  We welcome women new to drumming and will help you build a strong foundation. Workshops range from beginning to advanced with many all-levels classes. Drum circles are facilitated and the leader will help you participate.

Question: I don’t have a drum. Will there be drums available for me to use?
Answer:  It’s good if you can bring a drum with you. However, Some of us will bring extra drums that you can borrow during classes. Each of these drums will be placed in an appropriate drum circle for the workshops being taught. The drums may not be removed from where they are placed.

You can also bring other percussion instruments such as bells and shakers.

Question: Are scholarships or financial assistance available to help with the cost of camp?
Answer: We want Community Camping Trip to be accessible to all women and girls over 10. Work Trades are available.  If you want to do extra work shifts in lieu of paying fees, please email camp@womendrummers.org. or call 510-464-5902.

Question: I would like to bring my child with me to camp. Is that okay? If not, can he or she visit me at camp?
Answer:  Our camp is currently designed for women and girls 10 years old or older.  Please be aware that there is no children’s programing at camp, and you will be responsible for making sure your child is supervised and safe at all times during camp.  You know your daughter best and will know if she will enjoy participating in predominately adult drum circles and other activities.  We cannot accommodate younger children on site even as visitors. If your young child needs to visit you, please arrange to meet off site.

Question: Will my cell phone work at camp?
Answer: No.  The nearest payphone is at Anthony Chabot Family Campground about 2 miles away.

Question: How can I be reached in an emergency at home?
Answer:  In the event of an emergency, family or friends can reach Campers by calling the 24 hour East Bay Regional Park District Emergency Number:  510- 881-1121

Question: What will the weather be like at camp?
Answer: The weather varies greatly at the Meadow at all times of the year. Be prepared for both hot, sunny California days and cool, foggy days and nights. Bring both your sweater and shorts!  We strongly recommend that everyone bring a warm blanket as it can get quite cool at night.

Question: Is there a pool, lake or pond at the Meadow?
Answer: No.

Question: Are there facilities for showers and bathrooms at Bort Meadow?
Answer: There are “port-a-janes” but no showers or bathrooms at Bort Meadow.

Question: I would like to camp but don’t own a tent. Are there rentals?
Answer: REI has a small number of rental tents. You can contact them at one of their store locations. You can find these on line at the REI web site. You might also ask this question on the Born to Drum Yahoo Group. If you are not already a member please join.  This is where all announcements about Women Drummers International events are made.

Question: Can I bring my camper, van, etc.?
Answer: Yes, but you cannot park your camper or van in the Meadow where we are camping. You can park your vehicle in the parking lot and sleep in it. But there are no hook-ups for campers and vans. There are no electrical outlets for you to plug your camper or van into.  Please keep in mind that there is limited parking and we want to get as many cars as possible into parking area.

Question: I’d like to come early  to select campsite. Is that okay?
Answer:  Work crew will be arriving a 1:00 pm on Thursday.  You can volunteer for work crew or you can come and camp on Thursday for a fee of $20.  Check in time on Thursday is 4 pm.  There will be a volunteer at the gate from 4 to 6:00 pm please let us know in advance if you need to come later so we can accommodate you.  Otherwise park up above and walk down to get help  with gate.

Question: I need a ride or would like to ride share. How can I arrange this?
Answer:  Yes in fact carpooling is strongly recommended due to limited parking and the positive effect this will have on creating community.  Please network among friends to set up carpools.  To ask for or offer a ride you can post on Born To Drum Yahoo Group.  After July 31 you can also contact organizers at camp@womendrummers.org. and we will help you.

Question: I have a cpap machine or other medical/health requirement for an electrical outlet. Will that be available at Bort Meadow?
Answer: No there are no electrical outlets at Bort Meadow.  However many participants will be participating during the day and not camping overnight.

Question: Will there be men at the camp?
Answer: The camp itself has all women teachers; and camp participants are women and girls. Men and boys do not attend camp.  However there may be a few male rangers or hikers that come through.

Question: If I come just for the day will there be a place I can rest.
Answer:  There are many shady areas in the meadow.  please feel free to bring a comfortable chair, pad or blanket.  Also there will be a large tent set up as a first aid and spirit house near the communal in a shady area at Camp Central where you will be free to relax.
Question: How accessible is camp for women with mobility issues or other special needs?
Answer:  Bort Meadow is partially wheelchair accessible.  Power chairs or scooters are able to navigate the terrain however it is mostly unpaved and in certain areas it is bumpy and can be jolting to your body.  Classes and the community kitchen area will be clustered within a small flat area.  There is a wheelchair accessible outhouse at the drop off circle, and we may be able to have a disabled parking space in the center of the drop off circle.  There will be women helping with unloading gear, and a non wheelchair accessible shuttle from the gate or parking area will be provided on an as needed basis.  Please contact us regarding special needs prior regarding  your concerns.  You are also welcome to bring a helper to camp to assist you over the weekend.  Your worker will be free to participate with you during workshops and all camp fees will be waived.  She will need to register for work trade.
This year we will be providing cards for women to label food ingredients placed on potluck table to help women with allergies or special dietary concerns.
Question: I will be coming from out of town.  Where can I find a place to stay at night if I do not camp?
Answer:  You can look online for local hotels in Oakland or surrounding cities or try sites such as Craigslist or AirBNB. If you would like to share housing with local participants you can post a request on Born To Drum Yahoo Group.  As we get closer to camp you can also contact us at camp@womendrummers.org. and we may be able to help you.