Edwina Lee Tyler

Edwina Lee Tyler

Edwina Lee Tyler is master of the West African Djembe drum. She is acclaimed as one of the earliest pioneers of the women’s drumming movement. During the 1970’s Edwina heard the call of the drum and went to Africa to study. Edwina was the founder and director of “A Piece of the World” an African American women’s drum and dance ensemble. She has also toured extensively as a soloist.

Edwina is known internationally. She has performed on Broadway, television, radio, and video. Her drumming spirit is an inspiration to all. Her credits include Urban Bush Women, Lady Gourd Sangoma, Merian Soto, Ancestral Messengers, Prowess Dance Arts Collective, and more.

The Edwina Lee Tyler TV show is on channel 20 local Long Island, NY. It comes on at 4:00pm Thursday. The name of the show is God Can Do All Things.

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