Dr. Karen Burt-Imira MD

Shortly after her arrival to live in the US in 1999, Julia founded the Chinyakare Ensemble which performs traditional Zimbabwean music and dance. Currently, Julia performs with Chinyakare, teaches dance, music, and culture in Oakland schools and in the greater Bay Area community.  Julia has also started her own clothing line inspired by African designs, the Tsuro Collection.

Karen has been has been student, teacher, patient, practitioner, and administrator of Integrative Medicine for over 40 years. She founded the Integrative Health Program within Contra Costa County Health Services in 1998, and under that umbrella, grew a large program of healing circles, known as Group Visits, in the clinics. They focus on building community, empowerment, health, respect and love – to support and inspire people to take precious care of themselves and others. She retired in 2015, but continues to train a whole range of staff members in team facilitation of these circles. Since first encountering Breema, the “Art of Being Present,” in 1985, the universal philosophy and revitalizing, balancing practices have been foundational in her life and work. As a certified Breema Instructor since 2001 – she has led workshops in California and Oregon. Since retiring, she now has her chance to pursue singing, sound healing, drumming and playing guitar to her heart’s content.