Class Descriptions: Thoz Womenz

Native Drum has four elements which in total create a circle with a mother drum.
1. The Circle
2. The Heartbeat
3. The Song
4. The Purpose
First Workshop
The Circle:
All that we know about our world exists within a circle. The drum is a healing circle where song is a woman’s natural expression. It is said when your stick is out of sync with the drum it reflects your life is out of balance. This first session presents beginning protocol as the foundation for the following sessions. How to come to the drum, sit with a stick, connect and lift the songs will be a large part of the circle. Limited to 12 participants seated at the drum, but more are welcomed to attend.

Second Workshop
The Heartbeat:
Mother Earth herself is a drum carrying the heartbeat of all people. More than any other instrument used to create music, the drum elicits and expresses more human emotion in its song than any other. This intermediate level will expand protocol with some complex cultural aspects that bring in song, style, hand signals, honor beats, categories and basic rhythm in the circe. Again space is limited to 12 at a time seated at the drum, but others may rotate in if they understand protocol.

Third Workshop
The Song & Purpose:
It is has been said that Native People associate song with language and breath…human life is connected to breathing, breathing to singing, singing with prayer and prayer with long life. This is one of the great circles of creation. This advanced session builds upon the natural place of women at a drum with responsibility in carrying songs. Participants will learn 2-3 songs gifted from Elders that may be shared in gathering, welcome, celebration and traveling. Twelve may be seated at one time with others rotating in if they observe drum protocol

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