1 World Cafe And The Healing Journey Tent

So many women have told us, ” I would love to come to camp, but I’m not a drummer!”.

For this reason we have created the 1 World Café, where drumming might be part of the workshop, but is not the focus … AND our beautiful Healing Journey Tent.
 Women Drummers International believes strongly in the medicinal and healing powers of the drum and drumming arts, and in the healing power of gathering in community.  TAKE A LOOK:


Melanie DeMore:  Gullah Stick Pounding: Ancestral Rhythm

CJ Grossman:  Gratitude Book Art

Alexandria Nichandros:  Middle Eastern Movement

Corrina Gould:  Living on Ohlone Land

Renee Benmeleh: Vocal improv & Body Music

Avotcja: Poetry, La Palabra musical

Jennifer Berezan: The Ecstasy of Sound

Debbie Fier:  Living in Rhythm – Body Percussion (campfire)


Shakti Butler with Amikaeyla: Sound Healing and Radical imagination

Isabelita Papa:  Intimacy and Sensuality

Carolyn Brandy: Orisha Songs, Stories and Philosophy

Regina Wells and Jnana Gowan: Calling our Ancestors

Vicki Noble: Transformational Healing Ritual (in Dance/Movement tent); The Mother Peace Tarot Cards

Amikaeyla:  Elemental Medicine Woman. The Wisdom Spirit Sound

Queen Hollins: Grandmother Council, Yoga

Kanchan Dawn Hunter:  Deepening our Connection to Mama Earth: Plants, drums, and womb magic

Arisika Razak: Healing Ancestral Lineages: Narratives of oppression, Healing and Reconciliation

 Regina Wells:  Embodied Movement

Jnana Gowan: Despacho Ceremony (in Redwood). Creating a Gratitude Bundle;  Gong  Meditation

Christina Tavera: Ofrenda/Personal Offerings