Volunteer Shifts

In order to keep camp affordable and promote community, participants at Born to Drum Camp 2016 will be asked to sign up for 1-2 work shifts depending on need and how long you will be at camp.  Women who are unable to afford camp fees are encouraged to apply for work study which will involve doing extra work shifts.  

Work shifts will be 45 to 60 minutes. They will be scheduled to avoid time conflicts with class times.   There will be a sign up sheet for work shifts at the registration table to be completed when you arrive at camp.  If you are attending 3 days please indicate two 45-60 minute work shifts.  If you are only attending one day you do not need to sign up for a work shift however pitching in and helping where needed would be much appreciated.

Camp Set-up Crew – Thursday   afternoon load and bring stuff to camp.  Set-up at Bort Meadow starting at 2pm.  Set up Kitchen with kitchen coordinator, Posts Signs, Camp Banner, Chairs in Class Areas.  Set up canopies and camp tents etc. Please let us know if you have a large vehicle.  Camp Break Down Crew – loads up and brings stuff back to town. Checks for any trash or camper items left behind on Sunday late afternoon or Monday morning after Camp.

Registration Table:  Check-in pre-registered women and helps with walk-in registration.  Give out registration packet with schedules etc.  Registation table will be located near communal kitchen area and will be a place for getting information or getting help to sign up for shuttle etc.  Work shift schedule and sign ups will be at the registration table also. Shifts are in the morning and evening and between classes at or around meal times.

Assistant load and unloaders  at  drop off  circle at center of camp   unload vehicles of gear and drums and help take items to communal kitchen or other areas around camp.  Help keep traffic moving  so everyone can get in an out to park efficiently.  Shifts are in morning, evening and between classes and meals.

Kitchen Shift:  set-up and monitor clean up station, boil hot water, make sure all food and trash is put away. Individual campers need to clean up after themselves.  Shifts with each meal.

First aid go to person –  Requires  medical/first aid training.  One person per day.