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Winter Solstice Magic

With 3 Woofy Women


Astro *Mytho* Political Guiding Story

With Wondrous Accomplices


carolyn brandy

Calling in the What and Whom to make it happen!!

The year of Woofy Women drawing to a close –

The era of Woofy Women unfurling.

Wednesday, December 21
8:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm PST

Zoom (Video · Audio · Phone Option)
Video & Audio Replay Available After

Donation by generous intuitive whim
somewhere betwixt $5 minimum
and a bazillion trickster dollars

Tickets for the Winter Solstice Magic zoom cahoot 

“Time is Motion. Stillness is Eternity.”

Let’s step into the still point, The “Traveling Now,” as Eskarena, the witch, calls it.  The point where we are available to Mystery